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IMPAC's Corporate History
Since 1984, IMPAC has added at least one to two new associations per year, a pace that enabled our transition team to focus solely on an efficient, effective changeover for the new complex. The transition team works diligently to learn the intricacies of the new complex to ensure that the association's individual needs are met by establishing new routines within our office, modifying services and hiring new personnel as required.
With our first twenty years behind us we are managing over 60 properties, our history speaks three important words: We manage well.
IMPAC's Business Philosophy
Every community is unique in it's structure and requirements. IMPAC is committed to understanding and meeting your community's individual needs. Our versatility allows us to customize or modify our services and our experience enables us to meet with confidence and professionalism the varied challenges faced by community associations.
IMPAC is committed to making every board member's experience stress free and pleasurable by developing cooperative, effective working relationships. We accomplish this through a thorough familiarity of each community and by remaining accessible to every community member.
Our primary goal is to provide every community member the sense of well-being that comes from reliable management services.

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