Our Services

IMPAC Property Management provides full-service management to residential co-operatives, condominiums, townhomes, apartment complexes and new building developments throughout New Jersey.
Our experienced staff believes in a hands-on, personal, team approach to property management. We recognize the individual requirements of each property, and we tailor the management program to meet those special needs.

Our goal is to provide outstanding value and service as we manage and maintain the comfort, beauty and safety of each community we serve.

Financial Management

Site Management
Emergency Response
Financial Management
The IMPAC staff has expertise in accounting, finance and financial analysis. We routinely customize reports to meet the specific needs of the property. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive financial package that will allow the Board to easily account for every dollar in and out.

Comprehensive accounting services
Development of operating and capital improvement budgets
Assistance in the development of the fiscal budget and annual audit
Monthly financial reporting
– Balance and income statement
– Budget vs. actual
– General ledger
– Cash disbursements
– Member receivable reports
– Cash flow and projections
Request for proposal purchase programs
Collection of common charges, rents and assessments including close monitoring of arrearages and serving as liaison to the association’s collection attorney
Maintenance of interest-bearing, operating, and reserve accounts in the name of the association
Assistance with procurements of financing to meet capital improvement needs

Site Management

Our goal in site management is to prevent emergencies and expensive repair bills. Therefore our site management services include:

Critical Safety Systems
IMPAC evaluates building systems for general safety, last inspections and certifications required by law or common maintenance practice including fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, elevator maintenance, ventilation systems, sprinklers and more.
On-site management or routine site inspections as needed by the community
On-site collaboration with accountants, engineers, attorneys and other professionals retained by the Board
Negotiation on behalf of the association for services such as utilities, snow removal, refuse removal, pool maintenance and landscaping
Continuing oversight of all service providers
Project management of large capital improvement projects such as rehabilitation, additions and upgrades
Negotiation on behalf of the association for services of qualified contractors for special projects
Oversight of common area improvements and beautification projects
Property inspections to observe conditions in need of correction or improvement combined with compliance of homeowners with all rules, regulations and requirements
Note: While IMPAC can provide recommendations to the association on subcontracting everything from plumbers to electricians to landscapers, in fact we continually seek out proposals for services and costs in an effort to provide better service while saving the association money. After we collaborate with the Board to define the required service specifications, we secure proposals from qualified contractors. We then work with the Board to review the proposals, and when the contract is awareded, we manage the job.

Communication with Board and Homeowners

The IMPAC approach to property management centers on responsive communication. This constant and clear communication builds relationships, keeps potential problems from starting and help us to continually improve the quality of service we deliver. To this end, we remain accessible to every Board member and homeowner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And a host of internet-based services keeps board members in the know and communities in touch.

Participation at all Board and association meetings
Preparation and distribution of notices, reports, meeting minutes and other correspondence as requested by the Board
Customized reporting for special needs
Monthly or quarterly management reports
Development of a community website to increase communication, increase revenue through advertising, provide owner accessibility to personnel and display account histories
Detailed service history reporting
Production of newsletters and special publications
Monday through Friday business hours and toll-free telephone access available to all unit owners, with 24-hour emergency assistance

Emergency Response Management

Whether it’s a water main break, a fire or an accident, quick response and preparation in an emergency are critical to property management and maintenance.

IMPAC manages community safety by utilizing personnel, equipment and procedures that prevent an emergency, detect a breach, contain the damage and counteract the damage. To achieve this level of safety, an IMPAC property management team is on-call seven days a week ready to respond to any emergency.

Homeowners are urged to call the emergency hotline at 800-624-4294 when any emergency arises.


The changeover from one property management company to another can be of concern to any association. We minimize the worry with transition procedures that ensure the change is smooth, efficient and effective for every community.

At least one month prior to the actual commencement date of service, we assign two staff members to work exclusively with the community on operations and administrative transition. The first task of the Transition Team is to identify community-specific needs and evaluate the proficiency with which they are being met. We examine existing procedures and pinpoint areas that need modification or improvement.

From this process, we will prepare an evaluation report, which is reviewed by our senior management, then presented to the board. Our goal is not necessarily to change, but to enhance services to the community.
Our Transition Team will also review all pertinent records, contracts and documents to assure that outstanding items are given immediate attention. We will check all agreements for compliance, deadlines and expiration dates.

Finally, if the association directly employs personnel, we will objectively review each individual’s performance and potential. Balancing budget concerns with staffing needs, we will make specific recommendations to the board.

Throughout the process, we familiarize ourselves with community-specific needs and concerns; establish clear communication between the on-site and administrative staffs, assign at least one administrative staff member as liaison for the on-site team; establish quick access to records and information; and develop and schedule procedures in our administrative office that will allow the operation to flow smoothly and routinely.
The team remains available until the on-site staff is completely capable of carrying out all duties to the satisfaction of the board. The transition is complete only when a partnership based on trust has been established.

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